Expressed in Color

Written By: S. Harrell


I’m Shirley and I express myself¬†In Color. ¬†This site is dedicated to my authentic written expression.
Our existence colors us. This amazing world in which we live is defined by color – it surrounds us, so I choose to embrace it.

I write the color of life.

With few truly black and white experiences, I express what I see in the hues that are presented.

In addition to color, I see ongoing conundrums, questions and challenges. I do not seek to solve them, but I speak to offer insight with the perspective that only I am afforded.

Peruse! Enjoy! Engage!

Thanks for Looking.


  1. Monica says:

    I’m so glad you took the time to create this website. I like the fact you are not afraid to express your feelings, frame of mind, what makes you happy or sad, or just be yourself. Like you said… to Peruse! Enjoy! Engage! Keep it up my friend. Keep them coming! Keep the words flowing.

  2. Sayieda B. Davis says:

    Thanks for this expressive way to interact with others through words.

  3. Sayieda B. Davis says:

    just sitting into the darkness
    the whisper deepen the soul on firer
    of color not seen
    of beauty imagine within
    down the conscience
    the self wakes

    just laying on feathers of soft white
    pure as the sun rise
    there is no depth to high
    nor low that my hand can’t reach
    grab do not let go

    just singing you a love song
    of bass cymbals, of guitar scoring,
    of every season adorning
    as I sow
    I give glory
    to him that sing me into grace

    just standing
    seeded into the ground
    I am water
    it flows from vain to heart
    to reap the benefit of my soul
    I am just
    justified in life as in death
    just his
    I belong to the most high
    in every thing
    that my heavenly father pottered me
    mold me
    awaiting to be renewed

    just, seeking
    just, knocking
    just, asking

    I am just
    I am his
    I am wonderfully
    I am his
    paid for

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